Contributing to Make a Difference

Every quarter, OOLY chooses a worthy cause to devote time and money to. Knowing that we are all part of a larger community we feel that it is important to “give back” and help groups that truly make a difference in our world.

We hope that you will visit these organizations and learn more about their contributions.


Semper Fi Fund

Semper Fi Fund seeks to help our veterans transition into civilian life with programs including financial assistance, mental and physical therapy, career transitioning and much more.

Teachers are often paying large amounts of money every year for necessary learning materials. With several ways to give, including finding and donating to a specific classroom, aims to make it easier for teachers to help our students with much needed classroom materials.


H2O Trash Patrol

Say goodbye to trash in a good way. This local SoCal organization holds regular meet ups where volunteers learn to paddleboard, are taught about environmental awareness and help cleanup the local waterways and oceans. Yay for H2O Trash Patrol!


Giving Tuesday 2015 Donations

Pequenos Grandes Mundos (Little Big Worlds)

Ivanke and Mey are on a quest to spread the joy of creativity in 40 different countries. Their mission is simple but very important; helping children to find happiness and learn through creative engagement.

Starlight Children's Foundation

Starlight Children’s Foundation is a leading global charity that partners with experts to improve the life and health of kids and families around the world. Starlight funds critical needs expressed by more than 600 hospitals, specialty clinics and camps, respite houses and hospices in the United States and Puerto Rico that collectively support more than 27 million pediatric visits every year.

No Kid Hungry

16 million children in the United States struggle with hunger. No Kid Hungry seeks to eliminate hunger for school age children by providing access to healthy meals where they live, learn and play.


KOA Care Camps

Battling cancer is troubling for anyone of any age, but for children it can be very confusing and isolating. KOA Care Camps provides children with an friendly and fun camping environment where children afflicted with cancer can simply be kids.



San Diego Botanic Garden

The San Diego Botanic Garden is much more than a 35 acre garden refuge. Although the Botanic Garden is host to both native and exotic plants, it is also a society dedicated to experiential learning about agriculture, horticulture, nutrition, science, sustainability and community building.


Got Your Back San Diego

Got Your Back San Diego is a special program that helps children who depend on school lunches as their primary source of food. Donations of breakfast, lunch and dinner (and even a food lesson plan) are delivered in backpacks to needy school children to help them get through the weekend.


Goddard Riverside Community Center

One of New York City's leading human service organizations, Goddard Riverside Community Center is dedicated to breaking the barriers of culture, ethnicity, race, class, age, sexuality and circumstance. Although primarily an organization for helping people in need of food, shelter and education, Goddard Riverside Community Center seeks to unify those with percieved differences.


Ivey Ranch Park

Providing educational and recreational equestrian activites for those with disabilities is what Ivey Ranch Park excels at. Although the program is mainly for children and adults with disabilites, Ivey Ranch also includes able bodied indivuals to encourage inclusion of people of all types.


Toys For Thailand

Toys For Thailand's main focus is to provide support fo the 40 remote hill tribe village schools in Mae Hong Son. T4T works directly with the educators in the region to provide the schools with their most pressing needs. Gifts come in a variety of forms; everything from water and agricultural systems to computer workstations.


Wide Horizons For Children

The core idea of Wide Horizons For Children is to help children by providing them with a loving and supporting home. Whether it's finding a home for an orphaned child or supporting an already existing home, Wide Horizons seeks to provide children in need with a stable life.


Playing For Change

Imagine hearing a song made by street musicians from all over the world who have never met. Playing For Change has done just that in their famous 2005 film that expressed the unification of humanity through music. Playing For Change is guided by the single idea of creating positive change through music and arts education.


A.R.T.S. - A Reason To Survive

A.R.T.S. was founded on the idea that Art can be a transformational tool in people's lives. And they have done just that. Dedicated to changing the lives of youth facing major life challenges, A.R.T.S. has helped empower young people through art education, theraputic arts programs, college preperation and much more.


Noah’s Light Foundation

Dedicated to finding a cure for pedeatric brain cancer and assisting those afflicted with the disease, Noah’s Light Foundation has proven itself to be an admirable organization. Their efforts to bring comfort and hope to the families that are affected is truly noble.


Casa De Amparo

Although Casa De Amparo is headquartered close to IA, their influence has reached far beyond our region. Their work helps bring comfort, safety and even prevention of abuse of young children by providing safe housing, education and counseling.